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LaRoc Chalk Hair Dye & Crayons - Wash Out Chalk Hair Dye

Hair chalk is a fast and easy way to add temporary colour to hair in an expensive way. Hair chalk is applied by rubbing it into the hair and then washed out with shampoo.

Hair crayons are the perfect solution for colouring the hair without the commitment of being permanent. It can used for a night out to add a more fun streak to your look, it can set off a fancy dress outfit or even to try out an idea for a more permanent hair dye look in future.

Hair Chalk In Many Colours - Green, Pink, Black, White, Red, Grey, Blue, Blonde & More!

We have a wide range of hair chalk palettes to choose from ranging from 6 to 36 colours to give you plenty of choice at competitive prices. We have chosen the most popular colours to include in our chalk hair dye palettes to ensure you will find something that you will love.

Hair Chalk That Is Non Toxic And Easy To Use

Our hair chalk is non toxic and will stay in the hair for 1-2 washes depending on your hair colour. It can be used on most hair types and is very simply to apply. Simply put a towel on your shoulders to protect clothing, dampen the hair and sweep and twist the hair chalk down the hair shaft. You can the seal in the hair chalk by using curling or straightening irons.

Buy Hair Crayons Online Now

We sell quality chalk hair dye at competitive prices. If you need your chalk quickly there are next day delivery options to ensure you get your chalk as soon as possible.


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